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Briefly about online advertising channels

Briefly about online advertising channels


Increasingly, business is throwing advertising budgets for promotion on the Internet.

Entrepreneurs are attracted by the opportunity to customize a more accurate hit to the target audience, detailed control over the course of the advertising campaign, correction of the promotion program in the process, depending on the mood of the audience.

 Digital specialists carry out market analysis, search for potential (interested and related) customer groups, study the actions of competitors and draw up their own strategy based on the obtained and predicted data.

The best-known and most popular digital marketing tools today are:

-Context advertising in search engines

-Blogs and SMM

- banner ads on search engines and websites, teaser ads in the social. networks

viral advertising

-native advertising on mobile devices

-SEO optimization

Managers most often choose one (less often two) channels, for example, launching advertising messages on the same Yandex.Direct and creating / displaying posts in groups of social networks. Although the use of the entire pool of popular digital channels gives a significantly greater effect in economic and communicative terms.

Today we can say with confidence that contextual advertising, banners and advertising on blogs / social networks have already taken root in the business community, everyone finally figured out what these tools are and successfully use them. The need for SEO site optimization is also clear to managers. Most of them have already begun to address this issue to some extent. What unfortunately cannot be said about native and viral (as a separate direction to native) advertising, especially in regions where there are not enough competent digital specialists.

But “nativka” is not inferior in performance even to the most well-built contextual one. Because native advertising is intelligently and unobtrusively built into the interface of the site that the user is currently viewing.

The potential customer needed by the seller is selected according to several dozens of criteria, here you can find income, hobbies, favorite places, hobbies, various data based on coocke files. Yes, it requires a certain amount of fantasy to correctly integrate the advertising message into the overall theme of the site and not cause rejection among users. And if you think that such a task is too much for you, it’s unprofitable to hire worthy specialists in your staff, you can always turn to the services of marketing specialists. The service allows you to set up a comprehensive promotion "on all fronts", to order the creation of the necessary content, layout design, selection of the audience. With the help of in a few clicks you can launch contextual and banner ads in search engines and social services. networks, native advertising on 4000+ of the most popular Internet resources, including Youtube and the main news portals. The main and important difference of from other advertising services is in an integrated approach, it is a single advertising office for all your advertising campaigns in any media.